Idea #1

The moment we met,
my heart skipped a beat
and it was then that I knew,
I was yours to keep.


I somehow sensed that you were like,
no one I'd known before.
My dreams of you were beautiful,
but they kept me wanting more.


You have touched my soul and made it whole,
and made my heart a-flutter
for true love happens once in a lifetime,
and for me there is no other.

Idea #2

Each soft whisper, each warm touch
each special moment with you makes me
so happy that we are together.
I have found that the most perfect place
in the world is anywhere with you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Idea #3

Some things in life are so perfect and so
right that they could only be gifts from
Heaven. Our love is one of those gifts and I
thank the Lord for it is He that made us for
each other and made us one in thought,
in spirit and love.
Whatever dreams we share, whatever our
future holds, I will always feel so very
Blessed knowing that I am sharing forever
with you.

Idea #4

You are my heart's Treasure, the one that I
was meant to be with now and forever...
You are the one whose touch is captivating
to me, the one whose eyes see into my soul,
the one whose smile lights my day and
whose caring words warm my nights.
You are the one who knows what is in my
heart, the one whose warm embrace is my shelter
from the world and all of its cares.
You are the only one with whom I could
find such a beautiful, profound and
enchanting love...and I'm so happy to be
spending life's wonderful journey with you.

Idea #5

You Bring Me So Much Joy
For yesterday's precious memories,
today's happiness,
and tomorrow's dreams...
I Love You

Idea #6

All of my dreams have come true
because I have found you

All My Love Forevermore

Your Valentine