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Los Olas Gondola reservations

Unique Idea for Weddings, Anniversaries, Proposals, and Bachelorette Parties

Weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals, and bachelorette parties are natural occasions for the gondola. Gondolas are the symbol of romance throughout the world! Using one of our gondolas always turns out to be a unique, romantic, memorable experience.

We have rowed the bride and groom to their reception and taken guests for short rides. We have used a gondola in front of a wedding hall as a prop; and, of course, the gondola has been used in many unique ways for marriage proposals. Friends have stood on a bridge with signs of congratulations as the couple approached.

Gift certificates can be sent to announce an engagement or anniversary. Dinner and a gondola ride create a quite unique surprise for an anniversary.

Make your gondola ride extra special with our message in a bottle.


Gallery of Weddings, Showers & Proposals

A presentation of a ring to make a newly engaged couple.Notice the sign being held up announcing the planned proposal for marriage.A group of gals celebrating a bachelorette party.People on a balcony waiting for the bride and groom's entrance on the gondola.The gondolier rowing the bride and groom to the reception. Notice the camera man on the gondola.
The bridal party on the gondola ready to make a grand entrance at the reception.

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