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Gondola for Festivals

We have done a countless number of festivals - including food & wine tastings and much more - on the entire East Coast and as far west as Chicago. Our boats have been used as a stage for musicians and vocal groups, as an exhibit in the Philadelphia Flower Show (winning 1st prize, thank you very much), in boat shows, and more.

The gondola is a natural for photo shoots at festivals.  Pictures can be either distributed free, sold in order to offset other expenses, or as a prize in a raffle.

We have also used our boats as backdrops to attract attention to festival entrances, exhibits, and food stations. At a festival, the gondola adds a definite, distinctive, unique flavor the the affair.


Gallery of Festivals

A gal blessing the gondola in Scranton, PA.Kids on the gondola during an intercity festival.The gondola displayed in the front of the stage at an Italian Festival.People sitting in the boat at a festival.People sitting in the boat at a festival.
2 gals in front of the gondola for a photo shoot.The gondola at the entrance of a banquet hall during a wine tasting exhibition.Boat displayed at an Italian festival.A gal sitting in the gondola for a photo shoot.

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