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Gondola for Parades
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Photo Shoots, Movies & Radio
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Gondola for Festivals
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Holidays & Special Occasions
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Restaurant Opening Promotion
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Gondola Rides & Tours

We have available our Il Signore Contento #1 and Il Signor Contento #2 gondolas for special occasions as described below. They are currently in the NY/NJ area but will be available for any occasion anywhere.

Our gondolas are available for appearances like:
  • Parades
  • Boat Shows
  • TV Shows and Movies (watch a video)
  • Photo Shoots


(These are just a few of the ways we have used the gondola.)

  • In hotel pools
  • On golf courses
  • In building lobbies
  • As a parade float
  • In weddings
  • For silent auctions
  • As a prop
  • As a backdrop for commercials

"My gondola is unique. It is the only real Venetian gondola in the country that is transported to different events. All other gondolas in the country are stationary at their locations. I'll bring my gondola any place for any event." - Gondolier Mike

Gondola marriage proposal (a success!) Gondola enroute to wedding reception

Gondola in parade

Gondola in Disney commercial

Gondola in wedding before reception

Gondola in pool

Gondola with passenger in parade

Recent Jobs & Tours:

  • Hilton Towers - Washington, DC - Banquet, backdrop.
  • Inova Health System Foundation - Gondola in the main ballroom for guests to sit in and have pictures taken - Mariott Hotel.
  • Sinatra/Hoboken Italian Parade for 2005 - Honoring Frank Sinatra.
  • High School Graduation - Rode 6 kids in gondola to high school graduation (and prom).
  • Seaside Heights Italian Feast - Gondola at feast, played Italian music & karaoke.
  • Cingular Commercial - dubbed in water background & Venice.
  • The Sopranos Television Show - rode Tony's mother in the gondola in wheelchair at the Waterftont, Catlstadt, NJ - Sopranos welcome party.
  • High Lawn Pavilion - West Orange, gonola in front of pavilion for guests to see.
  • Columbus Day Parades - each year approximately five parades (e.g., Sleepy Hollow, Yonkers, NYC, White Plains, Seaside Heights, and Nutley, to name a few)
  • Antique Boat Festival - Toms River, NJ - take people for boat rides at the festival. Participated for years.
  • Columbus Day Parade - Bayonne, NJ
  • "Catch Me If You Can" - Newark, NJ - a fishing contest for kids. Take kids for a ride on the gondola. Have participated in this two times.
  • Opening of Restaurants - For example, Tustability and Modernos in Ft. Lauderdale. Park boat in front of restaurant, play Italian music.
  • Photo Shoots - NBC ("Today in New York"), WOR radio interview, ABC News, NJ News Network.
  • Wedding Shoot - Chicago, IL - Onesti Entertainment on the lake.
  • Wedding Anniversay (30th) - Stony Brook, NY - in the pool.
  • Maidstone Golf Club - East Hampton, NY - in the pool.
  • Oasis Restaurant - Fort Lauderdale - on the beach.
  • Santa's Ride - Evening ride in the streets of Ft. Lauderdale with Santa on the stern on the gondola.
  • Columbus Day Festival - Coral Gables - at the entrance.
  • School of Language and Communication - Glen Cove, NY - outside, backdrop.
  • Sister City Celebration - Fort Lauderdale/Venice - in front of Convention Hall with the Mayor. Fort Lauderdale becomes sister city of Venice.
  • Lavo Restaurant - New York, NY
  • Village on Venetian Bay - Naples, FL - photo shoot to promote Venetian Bay.
  • Winterfest - Fort Lauderdale, FL - 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007.
  • Walt Disney Photo Shoot - At headquarters in Florida, celebration Florida.
  • Chistmas Parade - Pompano, FL.
  • The Hill School - Pottstown, PA - one of the most prestigious schools in the U.S.
  • Museum of Discovery - Served drinks from boat at entrance
  • Karma Movie Productions - Viscaya Mansion in Miami, FL - full length movie used all 3 gondolas
  • Costa Cruise Lines - Photo shoot at entrance exhibit
  • 50th Class Reunion - Hilton Head, SC
  • Brainstorm - Head hunters for ambiance
  • Earth Day - Essex County parks
  • David's Bridal - Viscaya in Miami, FL - a photo shoot for the magazine
  • Boca Hotel - Boca Raton, FL - a silent auction with the gondola displayed at the entrance
  • Hillsborough School - We drove the senior Italian class (250 students) on a tour around the school
  • Aronimink Golf Club - Newtown Square, PA - put gondola in pool
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